I have been working as a full-time Senior Product Designer in the WiseBits holding for the last 6 years. Wisebits is an international IT company that has a lot of projects in its portfolio. I want to tell on this page about my contribution to some of them.

Rework the product with 10+ years of user habits history

The company’s main project is the adult website xhamster.com (NSWF). Despite the funny niche, under the hood, the project is severe. xHamster is one of the largest adult entertainment sites with over 30 million unique users per day. The load of the project is comparable to world-class projects like Google or Facebook. These challenges make it necessary to use similar approaches in development and design.

My role

As a product designer, I helped the team turn a raw idea into a coherent, predictable interface, rework information architecture, and visual style in order to solve business problems and strengthens the brand.

I makes a huge number of decisions along the way, and many of them cannot be described by clear procedures. In addition, incoming requirements are sometimes erroneous and contradictory, and the designer helps the manager solve these conflicts, which makes the product better. All of this is much more than picking the right template and coloring it in a modern style.

The tasks and problems that I was working on the first two years:

Here are some examples:

Parallel resumable uploading

HTML 5 player with VR support

Reworked videopage

Nighmode is one of the most requested features

Example of the notes for developers

The main impact of my work under this project was a smooth transition and user acceptance of the new design

Here are the stages of delivering the new design and the overall rating of the user's satisfaction

User's feedback on redesign

Hypothesis testing and impact on product

To find the best solution, we use a data-driven approach to design. We have generated and tested a lot of hypotheses and design solutions.

Hypothesis → Design → Test → Solution

Here’s some examples of design solutions and their results:

Design systems

A design system is a great approach that saves developers and designers efforts and helps think more about product and less about pixel moving and coding. I have extensive experience developing design systems from scratch, delivering them in production and supporting grow on a scale.

I’m using design systems across all of my projects.

Anatomy of the button

— What padding without seo? — M-8 on the top

Design system in Figma

UX Tests and Customer Development

During my work, I conducted a lot of UX tests. Users completed tasks according to typical user scenarios and flows, commented on their actions and left feedbacks.

NSFW: Bellow a video with some of the tests of our VR app (the sound is muted for privacy reasons).

Here’s is sample of the classification and estimation problems that I can find during the tests:

Redesign results

Also, I can create a detailed user flow that covers the whole use case. Most user flows are based on data from GA and UX tests.

Example of user flow

New Product — xHamster Dating


Experience in 3D and After Effects

Over the years, I’ve made different stylizations of the logo, which I’ve put together in a small animated video

I also did various intro visualizations:

Landings and marketing materials

During my work, I made a lot of promotional websites and marketing materials, which were seen in the leading media.

Trend report

👉 The full report on xhamster.com

Some of the media which mention this report:

xHamster Religious Survey

👉 The full report on xhamster.com

Some of the media which mention this report:

xHamster Beer

First Porn Beer in the World

Some of the media which mention this promo:

xHamster Creator’s Blog Design & Markup

I made a simple blog using Ghost CMS. My work included design, HTML markup, and minor edits to the functionality.


USA Elections 2016